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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
6:26 pm
well, i guess this is my 'farewell' post. i'm really gonna miss this place, and everyone.
*flashback music*
remember stripper alex, whos boyfriend gave her a 'himmer'? her jaw almost hit the 'grownd'...golly, that was silly.
remember when danny was just a guest star, who took over libertys journal and aim and made everyone confused/convinced that christa was going to develop multiple personalities?
and of course, we never could get a good hazel (before david, that is).

although i wasn't really one of the original kids (or was i??) this was fun while it lasted. y'all are the best.

and if someone doesnt fucking IM me or add me i'm gonna kill you.
aim- x oh s0 tragic
lj- yourholydisease
i dont bite (or have stds :) )

so. later kids.
-evie "aMy"
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
12:34 am
so me and jay and el and sean were hanging out (like usual) and driving around in seans car, when me and jay realize that its time for our pregnancy exercize class (keigel? i dont know). so i was wearing ellies coat and her and sean came inside with me to get it so i wouldnt have to take it off outside (theyre so cute)
soo we go into the classroom and the lady (completely crazy with big hair) goes "WELCOME AND CONGRATULATIONS" and hurries us inside. us, meaning, me and jay, and sean and ellie. meanwhile seans like 'uhh no, we're not pregnant' but the lady didnt hear (or pretended not to hear) so they had to stay.
and basically, it was great cuz sean was all pissed and defensive and ellie jay and i talked the whole time (loudly) about their new baby 'ursula'. and some other couple was like 'oh its such a joy to see young mothers' and we were trying not to crack up.
and then there came the time where the guys had to take the womens place and lay down and do the breathing. and sean just goes "this is BULLSHIT" and left. so jay had ursula along with our baby kip (whhaaat? its 3 letters and you gotta love nd)
so it was fun (the end)
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
3:03 pm
so now i guess everythings good. got checked out, dr said everything was fine but wants me to go to AA so i dont do stupid shit like that again. i dont think im gonna go, having jay hate me (momentarily, you did. dont deny it) scared me away from alcohol for good. and this isnt like the 'i got put in the hospital, im staying away from alcohol for good'. i mean it.
last night jay came over and i attempted to cook. dont i ever learn? basically i was stirring the pasta when he had a spaz attack and picked me up and twirled me around. so that led to an 'i love you baby' kiss fest...and the smoke alarm went off. and the pot was burning and well, to make a long story short, me and sean are living in a cardboard box in the alley.

if you believed i could screw up that bad, thats sad. no, we just both freaked out and turned the knob thingy (yet another reason why i shouldnt cook...i dont know what anything is) and all the scary things stopped. and we ordered pizza.
sooo then he stayed over, and we spent a good part of the night trying to think of three letter names (to go with the jayamy theme) but failed miserablly.
thenn today i had another dr appointment and jay was so excited to go because hes adorable :) pretty much, im 4 months along, completely healthy so far. ultrasound sometime within the next two weeks...and im kinda excited for that. i dunno, this whole thing is just...aghh, we're both so happy about this now and i love him moree
ellies baking or something with sean (what is it with this house and food? i dont get it) and i think my lovely boyfriend is coming soon so we can all do something supercool cuz we just rock like that? maybe. wow this entrys long.
Monday, February 7th, 2005
9:40 pm
last night was crazy and i still cant believe i could be so stupid.

went to the doctors during the day and yeah, its confirmed.

so that didnt put me in the greatest of moods. talked to ash and she came over. drank alot. went clubbing. overheard some nasty degrassi slut say "oh, thats jay hogarts girlfriend. hes way too good for that ugly whore. i should go for him." so i punched her, and ash joined in. then the bouncer came over and kicked us out. came back here and drank some more. ended up taking seans car and egging houses of certain people. then came home and passed out.

i really have no idea what the fuck i was thinking. i just thought me and jay could go back to how we used to be without any drama or anything. i mean, im 15 years old and ive managed to have a horribly abusive relationship, get kicked out of the house, land a 9-5 job, get kicked out of school, and get pregnant. i just want everything back...hanging out with the old crew, getting into trouble, being so passionately in love that it made both of us dizzy. i dont know what ive become.
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
9:25 pm
so right now im at jays. and were both in this complete state of shock because something severe has happened. or well, might have happened. ill know for sure by the end of this week.
i really love him more than anything in the world. but i have no fucking idea what im going to do about this.
Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
3:22 pm
i dont know who started this, but i love you?

Ask me 4 questions.
-Any 4, no matter how personal, private or random.
-I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.
-In turn, you post this message in your own journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
8:22 pm
oh yes, once again theres drama in the life of amy because its not like i can be HAPPY or anything.

well, i started back up work. it was a pretty normal day, towerz was being a loser and kept saying 'welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can i take your order?' to EVERYONE at the drive through so i was helping him not get fired. oh wow, sully (whos car me and jay killed a while back) came up in this brand new car and once again, the liscense plate cracked me up. i was trying SO hard not to laugh when i had to give him his food (he got one of those adult happy meals...wtf?) and the WHOLE time he was staring at my chest and winking. im sorry, i prefer men who dont look like they got hit in the face with a shovel?

but then everything happened at once. allannah called for me over the pa and i went up front to see this old lady and...my dad. he was just standing there, looking down. the old lady told me we needed to talk, so i went and sat with them at a booth.

basically, my dad 'really misses me' and is 'putting his life back together' and promises 'he'll be the father he never was'. none of those words came from him, apparently the old ladys his new girlfriend and my dad and brothers live with her now. and they want me to move back.

so i, of course, blew up, threw a couple choice words at them, and went back to working. they sat there for a while and finally left. jay showed up to pick me up from work and i told him the whole story. he got really pissed and wanted to go 'talk to' my dad about everything hes put me through. but i started crying and he just kinda held me in the parking lot until i stopped. damnit, i hate my emo-ness.

so then we went back to seans and made a family of snowmen in the front yard. the genders are kinda...obvious....(because jay was living under a rock in kindergarden and never learned the carrot is for the NOSE) then of course, there had to be a huge snowball fight, leading to snow wrestling, leading to...snow down jays pants and amys shirt hahaha NOT COOL :( buut by that time it was pretty late and he had to go...and now im thinking about everything. maybe it wouldnt be so bad living with them. i wouldnt feel like im taking up space in their house, like i do at seans. and i really miss my brothers. plus the ladys fricken rich as hell and would definitely buy me whatever i wanted to make up for the shit my dads put me through. hm...
Monday, January 3rd, 2005
11:20 am
basically ive been spending every waking/sleeping hour with the incredible jayson newton hogart.
we've been doing awesome things (mr and mrs claus porn, christmas cookies, attempting to fit into the jesus crib at the manger outside the church but failing miserably haha) christmas morning i woke up in this adorable little fort that my baby made for me and we gave eachother presents. jay got me a beautiful silver necklace, and though im pretty sure he got it with his 100% discount cards, its the thought that counts :) i got him a sweatshirt, tupac resurection on dvd, a new chain, and a bunch of other stuff so he can pretend to be a thug.
new years was alright...bobby, this total creep who used to do motocross with me, was at paiges house and got all up in my fries, so jay got a little mad and we had a TINY fight but made up...and you know what that means.
(he really is right, our names go perfect together)
uhhh went to the cheerleading compition, witnessed one of the best fights ive ever seen, hung with my fellow pacey lover ashley and annoyed jay with our talk of all the guys who are sex in a can, saw alex alot...she still wont speak to me but whatever.
welll im gonna go get jay breakfast (aka chinese) and spend some more time with him until we get sick of eachother (which will never happen...ok, maybe)
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
7:34 pm
a certain someone with the initials AVS hath been granted a 2 week break by a certain corperation (spelt wrong i KNOW) and is about to go to a certain someones house with the initials JNH and pray to god his mom isnt home and give him the millions of christmas presents she bought and then hopefully engage in a certain word consisting of the twos first names and a naughty word after.

fuck yeah. :)
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
9:14 pm
i know im not the type to admit my problems but it seems to help other people so i decided to give it a try...
ugh. every form of the word 'depressed' reminds me of some annoying no problems girl whos like 'aughhh im so depressed.' but basically, lately, i've been depressed. maybe its the holidays, i heard they do that to people. maybe its because ive been so busy with work i havent seen my boyfriend in what seems like forever. maybe its because all my friends are busy with school and eachother and i havent hung with anyone in forever. maybe its because i miss my house. maybe its because i miss school. maybe its because every night when i get home around 12-ish, i sit and drink until i pass out.

enough of the bitch and complaining, i really didnt do anything special today. just work work work...word is im up for assistant manager, which means ill get paid more, and i can boss allannah and towerz around (yupp, he got a job at mcdonalds too :) dont worry, i make sure he wears gloves and takes showers regularly)
i really dont mind working. now that ive saved up a hellofalotta money, i can afford really nice presents for everyone and pay sean for whatever i owe him. and i have so many sick days saved up that i'm going to take a huge break around christmas so i can spend it with all you fuckers :)

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, November 27th, 2004
2:56 pm
so mannys party was actually alot of fun. i hadnt really been social with the degrassi crew (other than jay, sean, el and ash) for a while, so i was kinda nervous, but allannah said she'd come with until i didnt need a security blanket anymore haha
basically all my work money goes to sean for bills, so i couldnt afford to buy her a nice present (though i wanted to!) so i did what i could do-make 3 dozen burgers and pray to god that my boss doesnt notice the lack of meat (something jay doesnt have! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA wooooowww. im not 2 years old i swear) so we arrived with food and everyone was happy and i think manny was grateful because there was like 5 billion guys going through her fridge before we showed up.
made 'the rounds', talked to everyone (and had quite an interesting conversation with craig manning about fuzzy dice...yes, me and allannah had our lunch break right before coming to the party haha, sorry craig)
jay FINALLY showed up with my boyyy towerz and random girls were checking MY boyfriend out so i, of course, had to jump on him and knock him down with my fattness, (prompting a chorus of 'get a room!').
so i made him dance with me while allanah went off with towerz to smoke his wang...i mean weed...then it was just me and my hot as fuck boyfriend...and a million other people but they didnt matter at the moment, because i was with him and i love him more than anythingggg. it was just kinda weird, cuz there was like this huge lightning bolt thing between us
(i dont wanna say spark, cuz thats when you first fall for someone...)
maybe it was because we haven't seen eachother much, or maybe because i was stoned off my ass, but i just had to urge to propose to him. soooo i did. on my knee in the middle of ten million people all up on eachother like whoa.
he just kinda of looked at me and laughed, said something like 'i'm the one thats supposed to do that' then lead me over to the couch and did that finger kiss thing that drives me crazy (even though my hands probablly tasted like processed meat....MEAT HAHAHAHAH) and i think i kept pleading with him to marry me...something about running off to las vegas...allannah and towerz came back and they were all kissy and it was cute and awesome because i didnt seem THAT baked compared to them.
sooo it eventually wore off and allannah and towerz were eating all the burgers and jumping on random couples...i tried to stop them from disturbing manny and spnners uh...fun, but managed to get shoved into them. (sorry guys. didnt mean it!)
so we decided to get out of there before the crazy kids burnt down the house (and they were going to. towerz somehow managed to find butane and hairspray and was showing off) dropped them off, then went to the cameron/smith casa because the man of the house was still getting his party thing on (yeah im lame)
without going into details lets just say, you know how on movies theres candles and satin sheets and back scratching and perfection...? yeah.

i am so fucking in love with this boy its not even funny. he's everything i have EVER wished for, everything i could EVER wish for, and i'm dead serious when i say i wanna spend the rest of my life with him. shit. i hope that doesnt scare him off. IM NOT A PSYCHO, BABY, I SWEAR! you're just...beautiful. in the most masculine way possible. and its not just the sex (even though the other night was like...well, you could tell how much i enjoyed it haha) its just everything about you...
i mean. uh. jay hogarts a thug. yo. hes all for the booty. holla. and im his bitch. with big ones. that he likes. fo real.
Thursday, November 11th, 2004
10:10 pm
work sucks a fat one. me and allannah get stoned in her car everyday on lunch break, so that makes up for it.
went bowling with el and ash the other day, and it scarred me for life.
i am a terrible bowler.
but i want a pair of those shoes for myself!
best part was being able to choose a team name for the scoreboard. of course, we were 'sex in a can'.
i think el won, followed by ash, then me with 18 points. shut up.
i think im staying with jay for the weekend... :) and im GOING TO WASH HIS HAT!
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
7:11 pm
well, i havent updated in quite a while so here goes.

i wish i had a better memory. uhhhh up til this weekend i can only remember movies with ash, which was sex in a can :), lots and lots of work...jay visiting me at work like every day just to get free happy meals, going with allanah from work to get her tongue pierced and my first tattoo (its this intricate fire and hearts design that goes from my lower back up to the middle back...amy has very high tolerance for pain haha) then 'shopping' with her and getting tres sexy clothes.

bbbuuuutttttttt this weekend yet again confirmed my suspicion that i have the sexiest and greatest boyfriend in the world :)

friday-worked from 7-12, planned on coming back home and getting pretty but the loser had to skip his last two periods and surprise me. so of course i had to kick his ass, while worrying that i smelt bad. went back to his house where i attempted to take a shower but was rudely interupted...haha, jays shower isnt big enough for two people. so after everything (and i mean everything) we decided to be social and go to the movies. saw the grudge, and i think im the only person in the theatre who was freaked out by that. jay kept making the creepy noise that the girl does in my ear so i had to kick his ass again.
movie got out at like 9, and we were starving, so we went to the chinese resteraunt near the dot...i swear to god the people in there were in the grudge, so i was freaking out and jay was freaking me out and we probablly werent the best people to be sitting near, because everything led to a huge food fight and we ended up getting kicked out. and jay had to, of course, try to start a fight with the manager. i had to literally hold him back from throwing punches, and we ended up driving back to his house in that angry silence that sucks so much.
then once we got inside i had to be a total bitch and go on and on about how he needs to control his temper. and as i was screaming and thinking about how i dont have a point, i noticed jay looking at my chest...and realized i was uh, hanging out. sooooo we both cracked up, which led to wrestling, which led to me winning, which led to what always happen when i win. then we were completely exhausted and passed out on the floor. woke up in the middle of the night and i was on the bed, hes so great like that :)

saturday-had to work from 5-9 and leave that gorgeousness in the morning, which sucked, but i brought back like 5 eggmcmuffins and a billion apple pies and we had a lovely processed breakfast and fell back asleep till like 8 or something...
then i was having city deprivation, so i made my poor bastard drive up there and find some shady bar where trish's flavor of the week works as a bartender. spent the rest of my work money and got VERY (as jay put it) "fucking sloshed beyond belief" and played a very intense game of pool and almost got kicked out for uh, almost adding another stain to the table haha. then we were stumbling around the streets trying to find the civic, which was NOT going to happen. so i called a taxi and it pulled up RIGHT next to the civic, and we just kinda got in and drove away, poor taxi guy.
thennnnn we got back to the house and i jumped on jay for a spontaneous piggy back ride, and he fell cuz im fat. and he had no sense of strength/balance because there was a bit too much alcohol in his system. sooo we both went flying all over the yard and couldnt stop cracking up and jays mean old neighbor lady comes out and says something like 'dag nabbit! you crazy kids!' or something equally hilarious so we pretty much died laughing and thought she was gonna kill us so we ran inside and decided to hide under jays covers and huddle together for warmth...naked. holy fuck do we have alot of sex. and im sure you wanted to know that. i dont think we got ANY sleep :)

sunday-well we were awake around the time you normal people wake up so we made ramen and watched telemundo and froze...then realized it was haloween and i reaaaaaaaally wanted to go trick or treating...so we made costumes...really just cutting holes into sheets...jay thought we looked like the KKK so i had to draw big smiles onto the sheets so we were happy ghosts! then we went out...got a fuckload of candy and stopped at a couple parties and eventually came back to jays and gave away our candy to the trick or treaters (jay really did NOT want to do that...but i made him feel bad) cuz there was like a million.
thenn i had to go which was really depressing and jay brought me to seans and stayed until i fell asleep because i was really creeped out in that empty house..

monday-work 3-closing....it was HELL and i thought about quitting but i know i need the money..still no sean that night and jay was busy so i didnt get any sleep.

tuesday-work 1-5, came home to still no sean, jay picked me up and we went to latte java and he bought me food and we sat in the back booths and fed eachother and it was really sweet...i could tell something was on his mind but i dont know what it was...saw alot of degrassi people there who i had missed for some reason or another. my boy towerz was walking by, just kinda peering in and i had a flipout and ran out and jumped on him and knocked him down haha...cuz i really missed that gangsta :) so he came in and ate all my food which is ok because he looked like he needed it more than me. so we all left after a while and dropped him off then i went back to an empty house and spent a good part of the night freaked out that the creepy thing from the grudge was gonna kill me.

today...woke up and sean was here...went to work and came back and i miss my boyfriend

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
5:26 pm
so as some of you know, i am now living with the one and only sean cameron, and he wont stop making me food. right now its this chocolate cake that i HAD to mention i like. damn that boy.
last night sean was cooking (like always) and blasting some classic rock station, so i alternated going downstairs and doing slide-y dances on the kitchen floor in my socks with him, and running upstairs and talking to jay and ellie online. we were all 90's reminiscing (like always), and i was missing both of them, so they came over for a '90s party'!
haha, so whenever anyone has an idea that seems really cool, it never really follows through. so we basically just said 'i love the 90s!' and that was it. then we decided to go to mcdonalds since thats the cool thing to do at like 1 am, and me and el annoyed the boys in the car by playing those hand games (miss mary mack! mack! mack!)
acted like we were 5 (and 3 quarters!) in the play area..sean and ellie went off for a while in those plastic tunnels, so i guess me and jay acted like we were 5 haha. i got really frustrated when my shoes wouldnt fit in the shoe holder and jay laughed and told me i had big feet, so i threw my shoe at him and he ran away with it. we ran around the parking lot for like 20 minutes (he ran, i hopped on one foot) and i fell like an idiot and cut my head. so my lovely boyfriend flipped out and carried me to the car and thought i was gonna die (the boy thinks when he sneezes, hes gonna die.) i finally convinced him i was very much alive, by um, the jayamysex cookies way.
sean and el finally emerged after me and jay got out of the backseat, and were really hungry, so we finally went inside mcdonalds and jay got me one of those bomb sundaes and we sat on the spinning stools and talked to the old couple that was there. the old lady was adorable and kept telling me and el how she wished she was as young and beautiful as us. then the old guy said 'i wish your breasts were as perky as theirs!' they got in this argument and me and el were dying of laughter and the boys quickly ushered us out before we got hit on any more.
then we finally had our 90s party in the car and sang the classics like 'baby got back' and 'flagpole sitta'...ellie and sean didnt wanna sit in the backseat, understandably (that is def. spelled wrong) so sean drove us home, with jay telling him how to drive the whole time, which pissed sean off, and they got into a stupid argument which made me and el crack up, beause it sounded like they were an old couple. then we did imitations of our mcdonalds friends, then dropped el off.
well, jay had to go get seans dj madd bulletz cd, so we swung by his house, and automatically i see alex's head pop up in the window of jays room. i wanted to go inside and like, straddle jay on his bed, but he wouldnt let me cuz of the 'mommy situation'. so i sat alone in the car, pissed, while the boys did their thing. then they emerged, and jay was making faces at me while he was walking to the car, which made me smile and forget about the whole alex thing...then i see her open the door and like, run out to jay. then she says REALLY loud 'i just wanted you to know that your mom is worried about you staying out so late. we just had a great talk.' she was like, glaring at me the whole time, and sean literally had to hold me back from saying something/doing something.
then jay finally came back and brought us to sean's. sean went inside while me and jay just kinda sat in the car and said 'goodbye' and kissed. i know he knew i was pissed, but hes convinced alex doesnt like him anymore, when i know its completely opposite.
sean just brought me a piece of the cake and im gonna like die, because it tastes like heaven and orgasms, and i think we came to the conclusion that we shall call it 'Sin Cake' because its just that god damn good. and he says hi and that he likes ellie but shhhhh thats a secret.
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
12:25 am
so im at this house of this old lady my dads trying to impress...it smells really weird and i bet im not supposed to be in this room either. i stole some really good smelling perfume from the bathroom and i bet im not supposed to do that either.

jay picked me up yesterday about an hour before he was supposed to, so i was showered but unmakeup-y but he said i was beautiful anyway so it was ok. i showed him my new 'room' which made my stomach twist up in those knots that make you wanna cry but you cant and ughhh moving on...
so we were cuddling and apparently i cried but i just remember being in jays arms and blanking out. then the man my birth certificate labels my father came in and said he was 'having guests over and would prefer us to leave.....and clean up this mess'. jay looked like he was gonna punch him and i really wanted him to, even if that meant i had to sleep on the streets for the rest of my life. but he didnt, which was kinda disapointing, but i guess he meant well.

then we went to mcdonalds and jay kept saying how hes always wanted to say 'ill take one of everything' but never had the money. but with his and mine combined he could get everything off the dollar menu so he did...and sat there stuffing his face while i watched in amazement.
so we left after jay gained like 100 pounds and i found myself jumping into the ballpit and pulling him in. we were like, burying eachother in the pit and making lots of references to 'the balls'. then jay got abused by an adorable little girl who i wanted to take home in my purse but jay wouldnt let me. then we got yelled at and i accidently said the f word to the snobby employee who thought she was god because she got one of those paper hats...
ended up driving to some parking lot and uh got to know jays backseat...then we went to AS220, and i was a little nervous about how people would react to the 'dropout drunk slut' (which ive been heard is the current gossip) i ended up being amazed by ashleys performance and wished i had any talent so i could be even half as good as her. jay kept trying to act like he didnt wanna be there but i know he was having fun.
went to the party after, due to jays persuasion...i had alot more fun than it looked like i was having (for some reason theres like a permenant frown on my face...) lots of drunk people but i didnt wanna be predictable so i didnt touch anything. hung out with ellie who cracked me up every two seconds...at one point i had to go ask ashley where the bathroom was and we ended up talking for a while...everything i thought about her was wrong. and i shouldnt make such judgements anymore. shes just like, a genuinely nice person, not in that fake way either. i can see why el likes her so much.
then came the depressing 'sit in jays car and try to forget that youll probablly never see him again' time...which was (obviously) depressing. we basically turned the heat and the music up really loud and sat there...i was trying to draw a picture on the fogged windows but kept messing up and getting really mad which he thought was cute. then he dropped me off and i just kinda crashed on my couch for a few hours.

then the creepy guy (i think his names hubert or something creepy) woke up and i could feel him like, staring at me, so i got up and showered. then came downstairs to find that all my things were missing and i found them outside. so i was about ready to go slit my dads throat when he found me and started screaming about making a mess and how i cant keep my stuff in the living room anymore. then i spent the majority of my day moving everything down to the basement, including all the things my mom gave me which i cant stand to see in a place where they'll collect mold.
its been 5 years and im still wishing it was a nightmare, that ill wake up in my own bed and shell be sitting in the next room, looking as beautiful as she did the day the accident happened. and i can just collapse into her and cry and shell tell me everything was all a dream and i can start over again...
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
8:18 pm
well, today, as i was heading out for my usual lunchtime janitors closet 'study session' with my sexy boyfriend, radditch caught me in the hallways and demanded to see my pass. so i had to make up a stupid story that the guy didnt believe, damn him for not being as dumb as he looks.
so he calls me into his office, where he starts lecturing me about 'not following school rules', and i wasnt really listening until i heard him say "when you repeat 10th grade, i dont want this kind of behavior."
woah. back up. "its the beginning of the year! i can make up all the work i missed..."
fucker cut me off.
"amy, we have a rule that when you have unexcused absenses for more 5 classes, you lose credit in those. no one called to say you were sick, you didn't have a note, and you were gone for 15 days."
so i basically flipped out, called degrassi a joke, which pissed him off and he looked like he wanted to smack me. then i figured, if im not getting credit, then why be there?
and i just left, while he was screaming out the door at me.
pretty much smoked the rest of my cigarettes on the walk home, then decided to wait at jays because his house is closer to the school.
alright let me get this straight so rumors dont get spread. there were NO cars in the driveway, all the lights were off, and i was sitting on the stoop, assuming mrs hogart just took off for a few days, like she always does.
all of a sudden this COP CAR pulls up and the guy walks over and starts asking me what im doing. so apparently mrs hogart saw me and called the police, telling them i was 'looking in her windows and trying to get in'.
ugh whatever, so he basically just told me to go, i was crying and i guess he felt bad or whatever.
so now i guess im stuck at home for the rest of my life, in this god damn living room because my dad is renting my room out (great parenting!) and i cant see the one person who makes me happy because his moms a psycho bitch, i cant go to school because i screwed up and let myself get abused by matt. ugh i hate this.
Sunday, October 10th, 2004
1:33 am

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
7:27 pm
Last Cigarette: 5 minutes ago
Last Alcoholic Drink: uh...not since the night at the club with trisha
Last Car Ride: jays mommas after school
Last Kiss: jay after school
Last Good Cry: not since...the night of matts
Last Library Book: oh god...im too cool for school
Last book bought: see above
Last Book Read: see above then above again
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: banned from the movie theatre for punching a girl who spilled popcorn on me, so like, finding nemo in grade 8
Last Movie Rented: 'kill bill volume 2" for the brothers
Last Cuss Word Uttered: i cant go through a sentence without saying 'bitch' so i guess that
Last Food Consumed: doritos
Last Crush: jayson !newton! hogart
Last TV Show Watched: Cops
Last Time Showered: this morning
Last Shoes Worn: slippers because this house is FREEZING
Last CD Played: Atmosphere-God Loves Ugly (ooc: SUCH an amazing band...i met the main rapper slug...hes just incredible...check them out, its rap thats not about bitches and hos and guns and the street)
Last Item Bought: i dont "buy" lol
Last Download: Tupac-Bonnie and Clyde
Last Thing Written: xXx mIzZ aMy xXx: whenever
Last Key Used: enter
Last Sleep: not much, but last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten: its too cold!
Last Chair Sat In: This one
Last Webpage Visited: Livejournal

put an x next to the things you've done.

(x) been drunk (there should be a 'been sober' question)
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
(-) kissed a member of the same sex
(-) crashed a friend's car (almost crashed jays, does that count?)
(-) been to Japan
(x) ridden in a taxi
(x) been in love
(x) been dumped
(x) shoplifted
(x) been fired
(x) been in a fist fight
(x) snuck out of my parent's house
(-) ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
(-) ever dated someone of the same sex
(x) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
(x) been arrested (oops...with alex in 9th grade because we got into a fight with some girls, and one got her nose broken...good times)
(x) made out with a stranger (too many drunken nights at clubs)
(x) stole something from job/school
(-) celebrated new years in time square
(x) gone on a blind date
(-) had a crush on a teacher (ohhh raditch!)
(-) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
(-) been to Europe
(x) skipped school
(-) slept with a co-worker
(-) cut myself on purpose
(-) been married
(-) gotten divorced
(-) had children (a few scares...)
(x) seen someone die (well i dont know, seen alot of people pass out at clubs and get carried away on stretchers...plus id hear shots outside of matts every night)
(-) been to Africa
(x) Slapped someone I loved
(x) Been to Canada (uhhh...)
(-) Been to Mexico
(x) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Thrown up in a bar
(x) Purposely set a part of myself on fire (yes another alex memory...)
(x) Eaten Sushi
(x) Been snowboarding
(-) Met someone in person from the internet
(x) Been moshing at a concert
(-) had real feelings for someone you knew only online
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
6:17 pm
i just cut my hand really bad while unloading the dishwasher...aghhh

sooooooooooooooo last night....

after an...interesting conversation (sorry i prefer my men with penises, coloring books) we came to the conclusion that
a very freezing lonely need-to -be-sexed-up amy
a very ....jayish jay = the need for us to be together RIGHT AWAY

so he drove his mommas car over and i hear "WOOF WOOF WOOF" and jay doing this little girl scream...and i remember i didnt tie spike in the backyard...uh oh.

so there she is practically choking herself barking at jay and hes sitting back in his car all shaken looking...it was quite funny (and cute!) so i have to go in the car and calm him down, meanwhile hes trying to still act tough...so i have to take his hand and walk him inside....and quickly detatch spikes collar from her leash. so of course spike jumps on jay and starts licking him (wow i just remembered emmas mom's name is spike...this sounds bad) and jays freaking out so i calm the doggy down and tie her back up.

then i noticed jays hat on the ground...so i have to steal that and run inside and try to hide it under my pillow...and this time the phone didnt ring...and jay has this hidden talent where he can take clothes off VERY fast...and...yeah cookies.

yeah. so. after like lying there for another couple hours being mushy and saying 'i love you i love you' every second and getting asked to be his girlfriend :) :) :), jay kinda disapeared, so i thought he was just gonna pee or something. but he comes in with those paint with water coloring books and brushes and a cup of water and i pretty much died. so we had a naked coloring contest, who could do the best picture of belle and the beast. i DEFINITELY won, but jay had to get silly and pour the now-colored water over my head and my picture...so i tickled him and threatened to get my dog and...yeah cookies.

then it was only like 11 so we went in the jacuzzi in my dads room...yeah he had that hidden from me for forever...the moose head right above it creeped jay out a little but he got over it and...yeah cookies. i know. in my dads room. but oh well, hes a fucker.

i dont remember going back to my room and going to sleep but thats what happened. i DO remember getting woken up with kisses at 6 by my baby and going to school.

school was...eh ok, got a lot of strange stares. raditch caught me in the hallways and was like 'amy...when you get the chance we need to talk.' but thats it...shop kicks ass with jay sean and ellie...and an unmentionable person who just stayed at her station and glared at us the whole time. get over yourself.

oh yeah, jays hot. and i love him. <3 <3 <3
Monday, October 4th, 2004
2:05 am
its 2 and i cant sleep...

like the psycho i am, i tried jays house like ten times between 10 this morning and 9 tonight...a few times i got ms hogart...and she goes 'hi alex! when are you coming over again' like twice. the rest of the time i got the machine. so, i dunno whats up. i miss him.

going to school tomorrow like the good girl i am...ugh radditch is gonna give me so much shit for missing practically a month and will want to have a conference with my dad, who barely knows i exist. so that should be fun. at least i get to see jay, if he goes, and el and sean...im actually starting to miss towerz too.

so this was an uneeded update but ehh
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